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Archive December 2018

What Is The Printing On Demand Books

The printing on demand for books is revolutionizing the world of books and publishing houses, although many people do not know what it is or how it is implanted.

What is the printing on demand books?

It consists in that the book is printed and sent after having been bought by order in physical stores or online. Thus, if we enter a store such as Casa del Libro, we can find the book, buy it and then generate a report that goes to the distributor to print it and send it to the buyer.

The book has not been printed before the purchase but is done after having been purchased by the customer. Books can be written individually or in quantity, according to the orders received.

The best solution for book sales businesses

It is an excellent way to optimize the scarce resources of SMEs, obtaining better results. The techniques have improved over time, and now it is possible to make shorter runs at better prices.

That we can print just what we need at any time is a luxury that we can afford, and also without high-cost overruns to access this functionality without disregarding the quality of the prints or all the comforts that this mode of printing provides.

Some of the main advantages of on-demand book printing

There are many advantages to opting to this printing system in which only the copies that are requested are manufactured, some of them are:

– It allows publishers of condition to avoid the significant costs in printings of copies with uncertain sales. Especially in first novels, novice writers or when there is still not much recognition, and you do not know what is going to be sold.

–  Low printing costs due to the new technologies of this printing technique. A book sold with this system can compete in price with the books that are sold all the life, of traditional form.

–  We always have stock. Thus, customer demand can ever be met, both in deep runs and in high terms.-

– High geographical mobility, so that you can print in any country in the world at local prices. And also save on transportation, customs, delays and more.

– It is possible to sell more books to more customers in less time, at lower cost and in any destination.

And is that there will always be books available because they will be made at the moment, without fear of making more of those that are going to be bought or falling short of losing potential customers.

It is an ideal solution for publishing companies and authors or anyone who wants it, since it is an exciting service that can be used in many circumstances, saving money and increasing sales.

Perhaps at the beginning infamous authors or when you have a certain reputation you can resort to the traditional system of book printing at least in the first editions. It can be interesting to resort to the page on demand of the books when they begin to lower sales to always nourish that title to customers without having to make new editions. It is a system that adapts to the client, which is why it is so beneficial to us even from the beginning.

Payment per copy in the editorial field

The demand printing in publishing is a kind of extrapolation to these business formulas, such as that our firm, to offer pay per use, where you pay for each impression without paying machine or renting because it is an assignment model.

It is as practical as making a payment for a copy as long as they are necessary and making money based on it, without having the printed books until someone buys them.

How does this work? A client orders us the book, we manage the order, we print it, and we send it to him. If there are several books, they are made at the same time at low costs. The client pays for his copy, while the person who makes the book only makes one payment per copy, saving the costs of longer print runs that they do not need at that moment.

The pay per impression is a concept booming, but it is also important to know who do it for the highest quality prints, better conditions, and affordable prices. The key is to find the best service to earn more money with your books. Therefore, more and more new authors and companies are resorting to this modality in exclusivity or certain specific cases.

Do you want to print books only when you buy them, always making sure you make money with them? You just have to resort to the print on demand mode of books. Go ahead, and you will see how it works!